CHI-TOWN EATZ Visits Flatbush: Rama's Roti Shop

YUSH!!! Here's the first episode of #ChiTownEatzVisitsFlatbush and it was done on my birthday morning with a dish I wanted called Frybake And Saltfish from #RamasRotiShop on Church Ave.You can peep the episode to see how many forks I gave it! #ChiTownEatz #chitownfoodies #traveler #Flatbush #brooklyn #littlecaribbean #NYC #RamasRotiShop #frybakeandsaltfish #Trini #bananasoda #MistaChatman #chatlife🦁🎤🔊 🇹🇹🗽

CHI-TOWN EATZ Visits Flatbush: Ali's Roti Shop

In this episode I try out the doubles at Ali's Roti on Flatbush Ave 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹 #ChiTownEatzVisitsFlatbush #AlisRoti #doubles

CHI-TOWN EATZ in Seattle: Collin's Pub

For this episode I'll being going to the Collin's Pub in Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood. I had the Calamari with Fish & Chips. So what did I think of it?

CHI-TOWN EATZ in Seattle: Karen's Chicken Pot Pies

Gonna be keeping the Windy City Foodie review idea going while I'm in Seattle. Welcome to CHI-TOWN EATZ in Seattle! This series kicks off with homemade chicken pot pies from Wallingford chef Karen. Check it out! 

CHI-TOWN EATZ in Seattle: Lil' Woody's

YUSH! Its the return of #ChiTownEatzInSeattle and for this episode I check out #LilWoodys in Capitol Hill for the seafood month #CatfishCorner Catfish sandwich and fries! Check it out and see how many forks it got!

CHI-TOWN EATZ in Seattle: Ezell's Famous Chicken

For this episode, I'll take my first trip inside the classic Seattle fried chicken establishment Ezell's in Wallingford. So what did I think? How many forks did I give it? Press play and find out!

CHI-TOWN EATZ!: La Pasadita

For this episode of CHI-TOWN EATZ, me & my bro Dorian head over to La Pasadita Mexican restaurant in our former hood of Wicker Park. 


For this episode I head over to Pete's II in Broadview/Maywood for a classic Chicago style Gyro.

CHI-TOWN EATZ!: Gene's & Jude's

CHI-TOWN EATZ returns for 2022!! And for this episode, I'll be checking out the classic hot dog establishment Gene's & Jude's in River Grove!

CHI-TOWN EATZ: Mama Will's Soul Food

This episode was very special as it was a home cooked meal from the mother of one Bro's childhood friends. They call her "Mama Wills" and this was her soul food dinner she made for my family.

CHI-TOWN EATZ visits NYC! FINALE: Palacio's Cafe #short

For my final CHI-TOWN EATZ visits NYC meal, I stop in to do a 1 minute review of a night time breakfast omlet at Palacio's Cafe in Sunset Park. Til next time Brookyn! Likkle more!

CHI-TOWN EATZ visits NYC!: Tacos Los Poblanos

Street tacos on the corner of 44th Street and 5th Ave in Sunset Park.

CHI-TOWN EATZ visits NYC!: De Hot Pot

Trinidadian doubles from De Hot Pot in Prospect Lefferts Garden.

CHI-TOWN EATS Visits NYC!: C Town Supermarket

For this episode I head over to the C-Town Supermarket on 25th Street for the chicken plate lunch specials.

CHI-TOWN EATZ visits NYC!: Dog Day Afternoon

A Chicago style hot dog in Prospect Park..Right down to the celery salt!

CHI-TOWN EATZ visits NYC!: M9 Deli & Grill

CHI-TOWN EATZ! goes on the road to NYC! Street food reviews right outta Brooklyn!! Starting off with beef patties from the M9 Deli in Sunset Park.

CHI-TOWN EATZ visits NYC!: 39 Taco House

Went over to 39 Taco House on 39th street & 9th Ave in Sunset Park for tacos and shrimp.

Garrett Popcorn

For this season finale of the #ChiTownEatz I travel to the well known and loved Chi-Town popcorn institution: Garrett Popcorn for a bag of that classic #CheeseAndCaramel mix. There's other brands that try this mix, but none do it like Garretts does!! I also got Pops a large tin for his 84th birthday! There's no question that Garretts gets 5🍴 from the #ChiTownEatz And this episode will close out the season, stay tuned for new episodes and surprises! Thanks for the support!


Garrett Popcorn

27 W Jackson Blvd Chicago


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CHI-TOWN EATZ!: Jim's Original Maxwell Street

For this episode I visit the infamous Jim's Original Maxwell Street! I haven't been here for years and in fact, it was at the old location when I last came here. So technically, this is my first time at this location. Jim's has gotten a lot of local press recently due to the fact they now close at 1am, when it has been a 24 hr spot forever! So, how did it measure up? How many forks did it get? Check it out and you'll see!!


Jim's Original 🌭

1250 S Union Chicago

#ChiTownEatz #JimsOriginal #MaxwellStreet #Polish #GrilledOnions #ChicagoFood #ChicagoPolish #ChiTownFoodie #Urban #CHATLIFE #youseemi

CHI-TOWN EATZ!: Devil Dawgs

For this episode we take a trip to another classic Chi-Town eatery- DEVIL DAWGS on Belmont. I had a classic Chicago dog and Dorian had the cheese sliders. So, what did we think? And how many forks did Devil Dawgs get? Watch on and you'll see...You see mi???!!


Devil Dawgs🌭

937 W Belmont Chicago

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CHI-TOWN EATZ!: Harold's Chicken Downtown

For this episode of #ChiTownEatz I go to the well known, long time classic Chi-Town eatery: #HaroldsChicken I haven't been here since the 90's, and at that time, I went to the South Side location. This one is downtown on Wabash. I had the 5 piece wing special and the catfish nuggets dinner. So, what did I think? How many forks did Harold's get?? Just watch the episode and you'll see!!


Harold's Chicken Shack Downtown

612 S Wabash Ave Chicago


#ChiTownEatz #HaroldsChicken #CLASSIC #ChicagoFood #ChicagoFoodie #ChiTownFoodie #Chitown #Chicago #Urban #Food #Vlog #wings #CatfishNuggets #Wabash

CHI-TOWN EATZ!: Yango's Grill

This episode was kinda done on the fly because Wiener Circle was the place I was heading to. But no biggie, I found a replacement spot with Yango's. I remember walking by this place all the time but didn't frequent much. But I saw the sign in the window and decided to give the 2 cheeseburgers and fries special a try. Keep watching and find out what I thought and how many forks did I rate it!


Yango's Burgers & Stuff (or Yango's Grill) 2845 N Broadway Chicago


#ChiTownEatz #Yangos #Chicago #2BurgersAndFries #LakeviewEast #Urban #food #Vlog #Mukbang #ChicagoFood #clarkstreet #Broadway 🍔🍔🍟

CHI-TOWN EATZ!: Taco Mucho

Welcome to the return of Chi-Town Eatz! In this episode we visit the relatively new Mexican food eatery TACO MUCHO located in Oak Park. Check out my review implementing my new rating system, and I was fortunate to get a few words from the owner..Check it Out!!


Taco Mucho @taco.mucho

220 Harrison St, Oak Park


#ChiTownEatz #TacoMucho #OakPark #reggaeton #Mexican #ChicagolandFood #ChicagoFood #ChicagoFoodie #ChiTownEatz #CHATLIFE #chatattakproductions

CHI-TOWN EATZ!: Scatchell's Beef & Pizza

For this episode of the Chi-Town Eatz, we head over to Scatchell's Beef & Pizza in Cicero. This was my first visit and actually heard about the place right on Instagram! My brother Dorian was well familiar tho. Watch the episode to see what I thought and what rating I gave Scatchell' see mi??!! Big Up!


Scatchell's Beef & Pizza @scatchellsbeefstand 4700 W Cermak Rd Cicero


#scatchellsbeefandpizza #ChiTownEatz #Cicero #ItalianBeef #ItalianIce #pizza #ChicagoFoodie #ChicagolandFood #Urban #ChatAttakProductions #youseemi

CHI-TOWN EATZ! episode1: Captain Hook's Fish & Chicken

#Chicago #WestSide #Austin Since Chicago is known for it's incredible food selections, I thought it would be fun to do a food vlog on some of the staple foods that I eat with my family when I'm back in town. Filmed in Mid May 2021, this features 8 food places that are well known and a couple new experiences for me! This footage is very raw and was my first time filming a food vlog, it will get better! This first episode was filmed at home with a delivery from Captain Hook's Fish & Chicken restaurant on Roosevelt Road. This is one of my favorite places to get food from, can't beat the $5 fish fillet plates! You See Mi??!! Bon appetit!!

Captain Hook's 5648 W Roosevelt Road

CHI-TOWN EATZ! episode 2: Lou Malnati's Pizzeria

The second episode of #ChiTownEatz takes place at home with a order from #LouMalnatis pizzeria in #OakPark 🍕🍕 These slices were heavy!! My bro Dorian told me this is the best #DeepDish pizza in town right now! #LakeStreet #Urban #ChicagoFood #ChicagoFoodie #ChiTownFood Lou Malnati's is located all over the city. These pizzas came from the Oak Park location at 1038 Lake Street.

CHI-TOWN EATZ! episode 3: Priscilla's Ultimate Soul Food Cafeteria

For this third episode of the CHI-TOWN EATZ! we go to Priscilla's Ultimate Soul Food Cafeteria in Hillside. Place has AMAZING food! I had the Jerk Chicken (yes, Soul Food places make Jerk Chicken in CHI!) greens and dressing. Best soul food meal I've had in recent times! Open for Carry out & Delivery...Go check them!


Priscilla's Ultimate Soul Food Cafeteria 4330 Roosevelt Road Hillside


#ChiTownEatz #PriscillasUltimateSoulFoodCafeteria #JerkChicken

CHI-TOWN EATZ!: episode 5: Macho's Mexican Grill

CHI-TOWN EATZ!: episode 4: Oberweis Ice Cream and Dairy Store

This next episode of CHI-TOWN EATZ! was actually on the evening of the last one at Priscilla's. This was a late nite desert trip to Oberweis Ice Cream and Dairy store in Oak Park. My br Dorian told me alot about the milkshakes here, so he treated me to one! And I must say it lived up to the hype! Was my first time coming here and a good time was had by us...You See Me??!! Big Up CHI-TOWN EATZ!!!


Oberweis Ice Cream and Dairy Store

124 N Oak Park Ave, Oak Park

#ChiTownEatz #OberweisIceCreamAndDairyStore #OakPark

CHI-TOWN EATZ!: episode 6: Lawrence's Fish & Shrimp

This Chi-Town Eatz! was done on my mom's birthday. She wanted Mexican food for dinner so we went to Macho's Mexican Grill before we did cake & ice cream celebrations later. It was my first time going to Macho's and it didn't disappoint!! The Steak Tacos were on point!! CHI-TOWN EATZ!!! 

Macho's Mexican Grill

7300 Roosevelt Road

Forest Park

#MexicanFood #RooseveltRoad #ForestPark #ChiTownEatz #CHATLIFE

This was a special episode to celebrate Mom & Pops 45th wedding anniversary. They wanted Lawrence's Fish & Shrimp for dinner so we got that and stopped at Tony's to get the sparkling cider for their anniversary toast. And after seeing that food court there, I'll be adding that to the list of Chi-Town Eatz prt2!! But right now this is about the Lawrence's Fish & Shrimp. So carry on!!


Lawrence's Fish & Shrimp 50 S Mannheim Rd, Hillside, IL


#ChiTownEatz #LawrencesFishAndShrimp #MannheimRoad