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For this episode of the CHI-TOWN EATZ VISITS NYC, I go to the Chicago style hot dog restaurant in Brooklyn: Dog Day Afternoon. And how fitting is that? A Chicago style hotdog in NY? ChiTown Eatz had to pull up!! You can check my brief interview with one of the co-owners (who's a Oak Park native) and hear some of his inspirations on opening the shop and some of their future plans. Also, the place was named after the 70's movie with Al Pacino and some of the scenes were filmed right on the block! You can also check my review of the hot dog and how it compares to the Chicago Dog. Was a fun episode to make, watch on....

Dog Day Afternoon

266 Prospect Park West

Brooklyn, NYC

#ChiTownEatzVisitsNYC #DogDayAfternoon #Brooklyn #ProspectParkWest #ChicagoHotDog #ChicagoFoodie #NYCFoodie #BrooklynFoodie #BrooklynFood #AlPacino #CelerySalt #ViennaBeef

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