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DJ Collage- BAWL OUT (unfinished demo from 1999/Oakland, CA)

Time to dig into the vaults of the #CrucialCassetteSessions and pull out this unfinished demo. Not sure why I never finished it, but it was a clever, thoughtful tune about people wanting to switch sides once they have made a decision. In some cases they should- "first Dem bawl out fi Satan til tings a run hot, then Dem bawl out fi di fadda because heaven cool dat" I'm thinking of redoing this song, I played all the music on the keys, so there's no hard samples to go try and find. We'll see..for now, let's just fulljoy this #raggamuffin trip down memory lane. 1999..Wow, where were you then?? #CassetteTapes #DjCollageThenMistaChatmanNow #90s #Oakland #Fruitvale #LakeMerritt #MasseOneRecords #ReggaeFusion #Urban #OneDrop #BayArea #BayAreaReggae #OldSkool #olderandbolder #oldveteran


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