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Do Care Free Curls and S-Curls still exist?

I was surprised to see these in the store. This looks like a shelf from back in 1982! Are Care Free Curls and S- Curls still around?? I haven't seen anybody wearing them in decades! I had a couple Care Free Curls back inna day, those were the ones you had to go to a beautician to get done, and I had several S-Curls. Those were the ones you could buy at Walgreens and do your hair yourself by putting the relaxer in and following the directions. It would be hit or miss for me, sometimes they came out looking shiny and natural and other times it didn't look like it did anything at all.

Brings to mind a funny, I joined Job Corps back in the 80's and right before I went in, I put in a fresh new S-Curl which happen to come out looking proper...shiny & natural. So, when I got to the Job Corps base, all the bros thought that was my natural hair and I told them it was. Problem was, I didn't bring another kit to the base with me, so my hair started to get nappy again after a couple weeks! And a guy with naturally curly hair called me out and said, "What happened to your curls?? Mine are still here" Whatever...he got me that time, shouldn't have traveled without my S-Curl kit!!! 🤣🤣🤣😎 #80s #90s #Activator #BlackCulture #BlackPeopleHair #CareFreeCurls #CHATLIFE #Chicago #JobCorps #Relaxer #SCurl #Urban #WindyCityLife #Lusters

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