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Great time at REGGAE NIGHT! this past Saturday

Another great time at REGGAE NIGHT! at The Jilted Siren this past Saturday! Was a good turnout and good vibes and tunes..and food! Their Ethiopian Wings are AMAZING!! I'll be back on August 19th...STAY TUNED for deets! #ReggaeNight #TheJiltedSiren #EthiopianWings #MistaChatman #RiddimBoxAndAMic

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Coming Friday night on the official last day of summer, gonna be closing out the season with Big Reggae Classics, Lover's Rock & Reggae Disco. NO COVER Music on at 9pm #ReggaeNight #ClassicReggae #Lo

As REGGAE NIGHT grows in Seattle, I have created a Facebook group for it where you can keep up with the events. You can join the group by following the link below:

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