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#Memories2021 Mista Chatman last show of the year at Waterland Arcade

#memories2021 Many thanx to those who checked out my FB Livestream from the Waterland Arcade performance last week. Another xtra thanx to those who hit the like button and/or left a comment. I missed out on the livestreaming in 2020 and I said I would get into this year and hosted my very first livestream in NYC this past October for my birthday. I was also the guest of 2 streams and got tips from people who do it better than me! Last week was my second stream I hosted and I'm still working it out...I'll get better, Trust me! In case you missed it, here's a snippet from last week's show..BIG UP!! #reggaefusion#BigTyma#chatlife #WaterlandArcade

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Coming Friday night on the official last day of summer, gonna be closing out the season with Big Reggae Classics, Lover's Rock & Reggae Disco. NO COVER Music on at 9pm #ReggaeNight #ClassicReggae #Lo

As REGGAE NIGHT grows in Seattle, I have created a Facebook group for it where you can keep up with the events. You can join the group by following the link below:

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