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*New Music Sunday* Mista Chatman- DARLIN'

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you've been having a great weekend..and Happy New Month too..Aug 1st! Over here at the CHATLIFE I decided to close out the weekend on a loving note with the release of my tune "DARLIN'". I originally made this riddim and wrote this song back in 2017. The song was inspired by a British girlfriend I had at the time and how she would refer to me as her "darlin". The track has been a staple song in my live Riddim Box And A Mic shows and was recorded in 2019. So here in 2021, I'm pulling it out the vault and sharing it with you! The song wouldn't embed above, but just follow the link and it will take you directly to it. And this is a exclusive..Only way to hear this song ANYWHERE is to follow the link! And it's downloadable FREE of charge with a donation button underneath if you feel inclined to donate a lil sumtin to the see mi??!! Alrite then,go have a great Sunday, download the tune and later tonite go wine up with your darlin!!! BLESS!!! #Darlin #NewMusic #NewMusicSunday #Urban #Alternative #ReggaeFusion #DubWise #DigiDub #RiddimBoxAndAMic #MistaChatman #ChatAttakProductions

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