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I was fulla confidence and high vibration when I wrote this post on Facebook & IG last week in Chicago. Why is that? Well, read the post and you'll see! It was really and truly a great moment......

From this day on I will move with even more confidence than I already have. Why is that? Because last nite I showed my ma the video that I posted of me doing the morning walk with my tune "Ram Party" playing inna background and she loved it!! And she does not listen to secular music but she is big into movies and tv shows and was impressed how the music matched the video. So that's it, no more confirmation needed! I already knew I was good and getting my family's stamp of approval pushed it up higher. So, if a person doesn't vibe with what I do, that's fair enough. But if ANY bwoy or gal tries to tell me it's not good enough, just keep it to yourself cos I'm not hearing you..WE RUN TINGS!!! 🆙🔝 me say!!! 💯🦁👑🔥🔥🔥 #FamilyFirst#LifeAndTimesOfTheChat#CHATLIFE#WindyCityLife#UrbanRasta#Dancehall#HipHopReggae#Reggaeton#ReggaeFusion

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