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The NW FOLKLIFE 50th Anniversary Starts Today!

Happy Friday and Memorial Day weekend! Today is the start of the @nwfolklife 50th year anniversary virtual showcase!! Created in partnership with @seattlecenter and presented by @seattlecancercarealliance this 50th festival takes place virtually at this entire weekend May 28th- 31st. Starting at 3pm, you can check videos from Seattle based Reggae artists: #BlackPuma#SelassieISoldier#MistaChatman via the On Demand channel which will stream the videos the entire weekend. You can also tune in on Monday at 5:30 pm to hear the live performance and my interview with the legendary Reggae artist @clintonfearon YOU CAN'T MISS IT!! The link to the #ondemand channel is in my bio... HAPPY 50TH FOLKLIFE, HERE'S TO 50 MORE!!! 🇺🇲🇯🇲🏝️🆙🔝💪🏽🦁💯 #FolkLife50#Seattle#MemorialDayWeekend#SeattleReggae#Roots#Ragga#Dancehall#ReggaeFusion#ChatAttakProductions

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