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You do great things but still aren't accepted?

It’s a fact. No matter how great you become in your field, there will always be people in that field who won’t accept you. Usually if the field is supported by a clique or a series of cliques, and you move different from them, they won’t accept you. But in your heart, you know your contribution to the field is great, so what do you do?

The answer is simple, KEEP GOING. If you feel in your heart that your contributions to your field are great, that means when you do that contribution, you are being confident and happy because you feel you are delivering greatness. And the world needs that Upful energy. So, you must do what makes you feel great (as long as it’s not hurting anyone) and focus on that.

That doesn’t mean to just ignore if you’re not getting the reception you feel you deserve. Maybe something in your delivery could be tweaked (not changed) to better translate what you’re giving to your audience. Just find a way and don’t be held back by cliques who feel you aren’t good enough. Often times those people aren’t that great themselves.

These were just some thoughts on my mind this morning. And I know if I’m thinking this, someone else out there is too. And this post is for you. Hang in there, stay hopeful and find a way. Chatman #Acceptance #KeepGoing #BeGreat #UpfulEnergy #IgnoreCliques #StayHopeful #Contributions #CHATLIFE

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