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RANG BANG (2021 RaggaHouse ReVisit)

It has been a year since the governor Jay Inslee put Seattle and Washington state on a lockdown to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Back then the area of Seattle known as Pioneer Square became a literal ghost town. I wrote this song during that time and it's my take on what was happening. The beat of the original version was inspired by the apocalyptic energy in the air. This 2021 remix switches up that energy to a more party type vibe. Why is that? Times are still crazy but less crazy than last year and on a way to recovering. And the energy in the remix has a celebratory vibe to welcome back the city. This track, the original version of RANGBANG and the remix instrumental are available for FREE DOWNLOAD at just select the RANG BANG DL tab once you get to the site.

Rang Bang is taken from the word "Bangarang" which means chaos in Jamaican patois #RangBang #RaggaHouse #Remix #CHATLIFE #ChatAttakProductions #MistaChatman #Seattle #PioneerSquare

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